Recovery Journeys

Jade's Story

"People may think they will be judged or that their problem isn’t bad enough for them to need help. Since being more open I have found that more people speak to me about their own struggles."

Jade has come a long way. She shares her story in the hope that others will get the help they need to become happier and healthier. There's no shame in speaking out.

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Meet Cullan

"I turned to heroin to cope with OCD - now I want to help others"

After a decade battling drug addiction and negative mental health, Cullan has come full circle. He began a novel opiate substitute treatment called Buvidal and is now eight months free of heroin. He’s since launched The Central Club podcast to help others overcome adversity.

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Meet Rachel

"I’ve got my families' full support, but those without loved ones could be using more drugs and alcohol to fight loneliness."

As drug and alcohol referrals to our Powys services are just 32% of this time last year, Rachel is urging those struggling to seek help, despite lockdown conditions.

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Meet Kathleen

"I’d tell anyone struggling with alcohol use to focus on the great things in their life. Be honest with yourself and open with others so that things can get better."

Kathleen from Newport had always enjoyed a drink, but lockdown led her down a slippery slope that saw her hospitalised and unable to walk. Now four months free from alcohol, Kathleen looks back on an incredibly challenging year.

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Meet Alex

"The employability workshops focussed on positive thinking and I overcame some limiting beliefs about what I could do."

Transplant survivor Alex returned to work after 20 years, despite the pandemic. He found gainful employment, with Cyfle Cymru’s support, just three weeks before lockdown turned working life on its head.

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Meet Jade

"There was a lot of trauma I hadn’t processed, and the Tramadol had meant I didn’t have to. It had numbed me for too long and I knew I needed support."

Thanks to determination and the right support, Jade has overcome a decade long addiction to prescription painkillers. She is now fifteen months sober and looking forward to the future.

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Meet Russell

"It was a slippery slope. Before I knew it I was relying on alcohol to feel I belonged – to be outgoing, funny, one of the lads – it just got worse from there."

Champion Boxer Russell is now hooked on helping others. He was getting hurt fighting for money just to fund his addiction - but now he's turned his life around and is helping others to do the same.

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Meet Tim

"We were gigging two or three nights a week, so you were up all night three or four times every week. We partied way, way too much. "

With Kaleidoscope’s services in Wales receiving just 30% of new alcohol referrals compared with the same time last year, Tim lends his voice to our Time to Brew campaign, to let people know we’re still here despite lockdown.

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Meet Tony

"I always thought having the lived experience I had that people would look down on me for jobs, but Kaleidoscope embraced it."

Tony battled a 20 year addiction to heroin. Now he's mentoring others to overcome the challenges he's faced.

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