Ready to move forward without drugs?

Deciding that you’re ready to make changes is already a big step. If your drug use is negatively impacting areas of your life, cutting down or quitting can lead you to be happier and healthier.

We can support you, but if you’d like to first make some changes on your own, here are a few ways to start.

Learn your triggers

If certain people or situations lead to you taking drugs, try to avoid these as best you can. For example, you might always use cocaine after a long day drinking, or use heroin if you visit friends in a certain house. Learn your triggers and avoid them.

Keep a record

Having a diary to jot down how much you are using and other important details, such as where and what days of the week, you’ll begin to see your patterns more clearly. This also makes it easier to see your progress and stay motivated. Seeing a gradual reduction in your use will make you feel proud, and you should be!

Celebrate each goal

Acknowledge each small step in your recovery. This journey can be hard, so be kind to yourself and celebrate how well you’re doing. Perhaps buy yourself something nice with the money you’ve saved.

Know that things don’t always go to plan

And that’s okay. Every step back is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and grow. With the right support recovery is possible, and no two journeys are the same.

Click here for advice on preventing, and overcoming, a relapse.

Start a new hobby or reconnect with old friends

If it feels right for you, get in touch with some old friends or family you’ve been neglecting. If you have a friendship group that impact you negatively, try to find positive influences to surround yourself with. People who will support you to achieve your goals.

If alone time is what you need for now, pick up an old hobby you enjoyed before drugs began taking up more of your time. Channeling your time and energy into a fulfilling activity will improve your wellbeing, and hopefully distract you from any unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Peer support from online and in-person groups can be a great help. Since the pandemic, more virtual support is available than ever.

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