Recovery Journeys

Meet Jade

"There was a lot of trauma I hadn’t processed, and the Tramadol had meant I didn’t have to. It had numbed me for too long and I knew I needed support."

Thanks to determination and the right support, Jade has overcome a decade long addiction to prescription painkillers. She is now fifteen months sober and looking forward to the future.

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Meet Russell

"It was a slippery slope. Before I knew it I was relying on alcohol to feel I belonged – to be outgoing, funny, one of the lads – it just got worse from there."

Champion Boxer Russell is now hooked on helping others. He was getting hurt fighting for money just to fund his addiction - but now he's turned his life around and is helping others to do the same.

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Meet Tim

"We were gigging two or three nights a week, so you were up all night three or four times every week. We partied way, way too much. "

With Kaleidoscope’s services in Wales receiving just 30% of new alcohol referrals compared with the same time last year, Tim lends his voice to our Time to Brew campaign, to let people know we’re still here despite lockdown.

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Meet Tony

"I always thought having the lived experience I had that people would look down on me for jobs, but Kaleidoscope embraced it."

Tony battled a 20 year addiction to heroin. Now he's mentoring others to overcome the challenges he's faced.

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Meet Alan

"I used to get up at about 4am, and if I didn't have a drink I'd be shaking. I didn't want people to see the person I'd become."

After entering retirement, Alan's drinking began seriously impacting his life and his family.

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